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what to expect at St John’s

what is a service like?
All worship experiences at St John’s have music and a message. We gather to sing worship to God and be transformed by the message of the Good News about Jesus. Often we also celebrate communion. If you like more liturgy and hymns, check out the 8:08am or 11:08am services. If you want something that has more modern music and is a bit more casual, check out the 9:38am service. All three services last about an hour.

how should I come dressed?
Come dressed however you like! Some people dress in suits or dresses and others come in jeans or shorts. We believe that God is more interested in what’s in your heart than what you’re wearing.

what do you have for my family?
We have childcare in our nursery during the 9:38 and 11:08am services. During the 9:38am service St John’s has a Sunday School program designed to help children grow closer to God.

what is your purpose as a community of faith?
You can learn about our mission, vision, core values and operating principles on our about our mission page