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Partnership History:
St. John’s Sweet Air was called by the Bishop in 1996 to assist the newly formed Amazing Grace. Over the last 17 years, St. John’s support has grown into an enriching and mutually beneficial partnership. As an intentional multi-cultural congregation, Amazing Grace has sought to be present in McElderry Park to live out the gifts of God’s grace in Jesus Christ for all people. As an urban congregation, they seek to be a healing presence through action and advocacy to address poverty, hunger and violence in the community.

How Amazing Grace serves:
Amazing Grace Church and The Center for Grace-full Living’s mission is “To be a gathering place for a healthier East Baltimore, working collaboratively with neighbors and partners to bring wholeness and wellness to the community in all its dimensions.” The Church and the Center serves the community by holding spiritual healing bible studies, providing a meeting site for Trees for Public Health, garden club for children, youth groups, client choice food pantry, produce drops, HIV Testing, counseling, Panera bread sharing, monthly wellness classes that include resume building, healthy cooking, acupuncture, homeownership workshops through Habitat for Humanity, after school programs and summer camp.

Current Concerns:
Based on the high poverty and unemployment in the area it serves, Amazing Grace is constantly relying on restrictive grants to continue their work. There is a need for a sustainable income which would alleviate the loss of valuable personnel and general upkeep of the mission. The general idea of the pledge is to enlist 500 people from Lutheran churches in the synod to commit to a pledge of $100 per year. This could be deducted monthly, quarterly, or as a one-time gift.

Opportunities to Volunteer:
St. John’s members actively participate in the following ways:

  • Providing monetary support through BUMP (Baltimore Urban Mission Project) and donations
  • Providing food for the food bank and support for the monthly Produce Drop
  • Summer Camp
  • Coats, hats & Mittens
  • Backpack collection

Click here to go to Amazing Grace’s Website.

If you would like to volunteer or would like more information about Amazing Grace, please contact:
Frannie Butcher or Catherine Evans