Other Ministries

Health Ministry Team

Mission Statement – The Health Ministry Team recognizes the close connection between Spiritual and Physical well-being. Our mission is to promote and nurture the Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical health of the members of St. John’s Lutheran Church and the surrounding community.

The Health Ministry Team oversees all health ministries at St. John’s and serves as a support team for the Parish Nurse. The team consists of the Parish Nurse and several others interested in the overall health of the congregation.

Casserole Ministry

The Casserole Ministry provides food to members during stressful life situations. Food is prepared when needed and available for delivery.

St. John’s Hunger Awareness Team

St. John’s has expanded the Food Cupboard ministry and, in 2006, formed what we call the Hunger Awareness Team. Anyone who has the will to support hunger relief efforts, both locally and globally is welcome to join….youth included! The team covers such a large scope with many activities throughout the year, that we are looking for people to help with some of the ministries, not all, unless they choose to. We are working toward coordinating our many gifts and resources (talent, ideas, time & money) more fully to eventually implement new programs and grow in this mission, while at the same time, keeping world hunger issues in the forefront of peoples’ minds throughout the year.

Some future ideas may include interactive awareness building activities and events, a 30-hour fast (youth group) fundraiser for hunger relief, and guest speakers at Sunday services. We need a team to help by reviewing available resource materials, in order to develop plans, coordinate and communicate activities to the congregation, and take this ministry to a new level. This group is putting together a steering team to be the “core” for the Hunger Team. Are you interested? Contact the office if you are…. What an exciting time to become involved!

Let your hunger for God help eliminate other’s hunger for food!