Our Mission is to serve our seniors as they have so faithfully served St. John’s. We offer them compassion, encouragement, spiritual reinforcement and fellowship.

Our seniors are a valued part of our St. John’s family.

The Senior Ministry group offers fellowship, faith sharing, educational and social activities.

Faith-seniors have life experiences that can give deeper Meaning to bible teachings; they provide role models to the youth and help pass on the traditions of our faith.

Fellowship-providing recreational and social activities. Research has shown that social interaction offers older adults many benefits like maintaining good physical and emotional health and cognitive function, you live longer and feel better.

Education-continuing intellectual growth that raises self-esteem and contributes to mental health through provision of educational and volunteer opportunities.

Service-the challenge and opportunity of giving time, insights, experience and energy for the benefit of others.

We would love for you to join our ministry and be part of a team that promises a rewarding experience.

For more information contact Ileen Greene


Caring Hearts Outreach, is a ministry that works partnership with pastors, prayer group, and senior ministry to visit anyone needing encouragement, comfort, or a sense of belonging.

For more information contact LuAnn Lundell