Unbinding Your Heart

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The purposes of Unbinding
FAQ: What’s Unbinding All about?
How does Unbinding Work?
What is a Christian small group?

“Unbinding Your Heart” is a memory marker ahead that offers us a transforming passion for God and a fresh vision of why we are here. It is an opportunity for us to remember ten years hence, “the time before “Unbinding” and the time after “Unbinding”. It is the best gift a retiring pastor and a new pastor team could imagine for their congregation: the sheer delight in being an invitational church, one that knows that our purpose together is OUTWARD. Our purpose is to connect with those who are not yet among us, to share our faith in ways that God will use to love new followers of Jesus.

Just like our plunge into Country Fair Day, imagine all of Saint John’s on the same track of sharing faith, deepening prayer life, and consecutive weekly worship for six weeks! We will:

  • Gather in weekly small groups for sharing faith,
  • Encourage daily alone time with God in a Prayer Journal, and
  • Experience 6 weeks of worship designed with themes of the resource book.

“Unbinding Your Heart” is strongly favored by Church Council and the nearly 50 folks who have used this resource last Spring and Fall. It is for all ages, children through seniors. It will enhance the love for Jesus in our lives, and therefore attract folks who are not yet here.

On January 29, (and all the Sundays of Feb.) plan to sign up for a small group, meet small group facilitators and attend worship with an Introductory Sermon. Look for Small Group Sunday sign up times through Feb. 22. New groups will form and current small groups are being asked to join this journey in a weekly format. Our first “Unbinding Your Heart” week begins Feb. 26.

Registration for “Unbinding Your Heart” small groups has begun! You may download and print the Registration form by clicking here.
Bring your registration form in on Sunday to the Fellowship Hall UBH Registration desk. There you can ask questions about groups (existing groups and new ones) and pick up your book.


The bedrock purposes of “Unbinding Your Heart”:
As an Experience for the whole Congregation our Goals are:

  1. 1. For Everyone to grow closer to God
  2. 2. For every participant to deepen his/her prayer life
  3. 3. For All to grow more comfortable in sharing their faith


FAQs: What’s Unbinding Your Heart All about?

  1. 1. UBH is not about the old style or TV style evangelism. It is about experiencing God in our own prayer lives, in being together with other Christians and in sharing both our questions and our stories of faith.
  2. 2. Will I have to do a lot of reading? There is one chapter in the book to be read each week, plus several Bible verses.
  3. 3.  What are the requirements for participation? The level of your participation is entirely up to you. Each Sunday morning brings a culmination of the reading and group discussions. What we all need to bring is an open heart, a copy of Unbinding Your Heart; participation in a small group and daily prayers (in the prayer journal in the back of each book). But worship will be inspiring and fulfilling even if you can’t join a group.
  4. 4. How much will it cost? The cost of the book is $13. But no one will be kept out of this experience for lack of payment
  5. 5. Will there be a variety of opportunities for me to be in a small group? Yes. Groups will meet in various times and places and will take into consideration the needs of our people of varied needs. Let us know when you register about your schedule.
  6. 6. What about child care? Several Special groups for parents are being created taking this need in mind; special extra kids events will be added for one hour after the Sunday School hour



So How does Unbinding Your Heart Work?
We Will:

  • Gather in weekly small groups for sharing faith,
  • Encourage daily alone time with God using the exercises in a Prayer Journal, and
  • Experience 6 weeks of shared worship designed around the themes of the resource book. When? For six weeks, February 26 thru April 1st

What Is a Christian Small Group?
Small groups are designed to include six to ten people to encourage trust and openness and relationship building. Discussion often focuses on the thoughts, experiences and feelings of the individuals in the group, and participants recognize and respect the confidentiality of the information shared. Sharing your ’Highs & Lows’ within a group and learning to pray in support of each other is a rich experience. Reading and discussing the Bible with others often makes us realize that in such setting Christ becomes present to us. The groups we are forming for the upcoming “Unbinding Your Heart” journey are definitely planned to be Christian small groups.
What the First Participants are saying:
“This is an experience that took a surprisingly small time commitment, but offered incredibly high returns in our hearts, our faith and our personal relationships.” – Liza & Tom DeBolt

“I really enjoyed the unique bond that I felt with the other members of our small group as a result of our prayers and sharing.”  -Steve Colnitis

“Doug and I had such a positive experience when we participated in “Unbinding the Gospel”. We are so happy that we didn’t use the old excuse “we are just too busy” and pass up the opportunity to feel God’s nudge.” -Doug & Chrissie Waire