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Considering the latest virus updates and Maryland declaring a state of emergency against the spread of novel coronavirus, along with the disease COVID-19…we are closing St. John’s until March 30 including our worship.

Everyone please worship from home. Splash and 9:38 Children’s Ministry are cancelled.
9:38 worship staff will record worship, music and message Sunday morning and post on our web site as soon as possible Sunday afternoon. This is the only worship service for which we have ccli video licensing coverage.

We are canceling all non-essential events and activities until March 30 in order to reduce risk. This includes First Communion, Splash Workshops, Bible Studies, Confirmation, Oasis, Jubilees, Prayer Group, Exploratory and Search Teams etc.

For this reason, we will work with our community partners and are revising our Amazing Grace Tuesday 3/17 plan to make bag lunches at St. John’s kitchen 9 am -11 am and will deliver to Amazing Grace entrance at Noon.

Our staffing at the church will be limited with several staff members working from home. Please use the pastor Lisa’s cell phone 443.257.1890 or email for prayer updates, needs or questions.

We will continue to share prayer and updates. Several of you have shared your one Word for Lent. Patience, Still, Present, Rest, Listen, and Remember come to mind and help us all. COVID-19 has overwhelmed countries and healthcare systems around the globe. Because this virus is so challenging in the way it hides while the carrier unknowingly passes it along to others, people over 60 are the most vulnerable. With universities, schools, sports leagues, concerts, shows, churches, museums, and other organizations all cancelling their planned events to encourage people to keep a sufficient social distance from each other, it is our hope that these collective efforts will be effective in eliminating the virus. Remember, the best practice is hand washing repeatedly with soap and warm water.

Even from home, share the message, your offering, and your prayers via our website.

Pray for one another. Check out our text for Sunday Mark 12 Jesus promises the owner of the Vineyard will come.

The sermon preview:
1. stay calm. 2. stay connected (in creative new ways). 3. stay the course –we need the cross.

Pastor Lisa Arrington 443.257.1890 (mobile)
President Jim Ritchie

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