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Discipleship Ambassador: Rwanda 2023

Discipleship Ambassador
Rwanda 2023

Discipleship Ambassador is a new kind of trip designed specifically for young adults, designed to help people to grow as disciples in a deeper, more globally-minded way. It will be like a mission trip but the emphasis will be less on going and doing specific work projects and instead, focused on gaining a more global understanding of faith and how the church works to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a context completely different from our own. 

Our team would be doing things like:

  • Learning
    • from experts who will teach us about Rwanda and the Christian faith in the area as well as visiting sites like the genocide memorial;
    • about the role of advocacy in the context of the developing world;
  • Experiencing
    • ministries that work with at-risk women in a slum area and another that works with disabled children and their families in a village area;
    • what being the church looks like in another part of the world;
  • Exploring
    • going on a safari with an overnight stay at the safari park;
    • touring the city of Kigali and eating Rwandan food.

Going and Learning; Returning and Advocating

This trip will not be a ’take some pictures with African orphans for social media and then leave to return to a world those orphans cannot imagine’ kind of experience that has unfortunately become popular with some missions organization. Colonialism and white savior-ism have left deep scars on the African church. That is why the role of learning and seeing how God is at work in every time and place will receive a heavy emphasis on this trip. Participants will have required learning about Rwanda and its culture ahead of departure and the team will engage in reflection together throughout the trip to help consider how God is at work. The goal is that participants come back not only with a wider vision of God and the church but also with a clearer sense of how God is calling them to work in their own communities. 


Kigali, the capital and largest city of Rwanda, is vibrant and quickly developing. It is sometimes called the “Singapore of Africa” due to its investment into a thriving arts and tech scene as well as its social conscience that includes the banning of plastic bags and monthly community city cleanups. “Africa is not a disaster” is what our hosts, Matt and Karli, often say. Yet the city and country are still working to develop their economy and figure out how to provide educational, economic and social opportunities to all.


  • Discipleship Ambassador: Rwanda 2023 will be May 26-June 1 although dates may adjust +/- 1 day when flights are purchased to accommodate overnight flights. 
  • The trip is open to young adults (18+) who have been out of high school for at least a year.
  • We will be staying in Western-style accommodations in a gated community that has its own security. During the day time, we will be guided around Kigali and the local area. We have security available to travel with us if the situation calls for it.
  • Our hosts on the ground (Matt and Karli) work with New International and have developed organizations in Kigali that help local farmers, work to support businesses by women and to train other missionaries. They have been living and working in Rwanda since 2016.
  • The trip is limited to 6 participants including leaders. For this reason, application is necessary and therefore some applicants may not be selected for the trip. Applications will be reviewed without the name attached to emphasize the strength of application.
  • Every participant will need a valid passport. Depending on your health and history, you may need some shots to enter the country. Additionally, Rwanda requires all visitors to be fully vaccinated against Covid.
  • All participants will have 1 or 2 required books to read before leaving on the trip so that they come in with a base knowledge of faith and life in Rwanda as well as current issues.

Applications are due by November 1, 2022. 


The cost for the trip would be $850 plus and airfare. Airfare will be purchased once the team is selected in late November with an emphasis on finding the best and least expensive flights. Currently, flights are around $1000-1200, depending on what time they leave and if the team has layover in London or Amsterdam.  The deposit for the trip will be $250 due Nov. 30.

Participants will want to have about $250 available as spending money for the trip. This should cover meals during travel, special dinner out in Kigali and spending money at the local markets. 

All participants need a passport. Passport fees are not included in the trip cost if a participant does not have an valid passport.

Due to the nature of this trip, we are unable to provide scholarships for trip. That being said, we are willing to work with participants to create payment plans where people could pay monthly. If cost is a concern, please reach out to Jeremy. 

Next Steps

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Jeremy directly.

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