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Caring Paws Outreach

About Caring Paws Outreach

The program began in 2018 with four graduating Caring Paws therapy teams 

2019 – four graduating teams

2020 – no class due to COVID pandemic

2021 – five graduating teams 

What’s a Therapy dog?

A therapy dog visits hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and libraries with the permission of the facility. Dogs and handlers undergo training and pass the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification test. Therapy dogs have no special access rights under the ADA.


The class is 6 weeks of in person training. The 7th week includes CGC testing and therapy testing in a nursing home. After successful completion the dogs graduate with “dual” degrees – CGC and Therapy certifications.

Do we follow an Adult Safety Guide with basic background check?


Do I need insurance?

There is coverage for this exposure on our existing policy since the dogs are being trained/certified for service to minimize bite exposure.

What’s The Cost?

Estimate $175 includes cost of vests.

When’s the next class?

Typically, one class is held each year in spring or fall. (eight canine students maximum)